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Triple Trees
Triple Trees Triple Trees Triple Trees Triple Trees

Fatboy/Heritage Triple Trees

Hawg Halter Fatboy style raked triple tree kits works on all Heritage and deluxe models. They are designed to accept the original tin covers and headlight or full Nacelle so you can maintain the stock look while increasing fork rake and overall wheelbase. Kits are available in both 4 and 6 degree rakes, with or without the lower fork covers and fork extensions. The 4 degree rake kit ordered without extended covers is typically used when installing a 21" or 23" front wheels. This is not recommended for bikes with either aftermarket fairing or saddlebags.

The 6 degree rake kit is recommended for trike applications which provides reduced steering effort and a more stable ride control. This 6 degree kit for trikes includes extended length lower fork covers and fork tube extensions. All kits allow you to retain the stock fork tubes while maintaining proper ride height.

These trees fit all 1986 - 2014 Fat Boy/ Heritage and Deluxe model Softails.

NOTE: Triple Tree image shows Fatboy/Heritage Trees with Lower covers and tube insert plugs.

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Hawg Halter 2013-Earlier Stock Style FL Fork Cover Sets

Hawg Halter Fork Covers come in Standard, 2 and 4 extended lengths, in either Chrome or Black finish. These Fork Cover Sets fit 2013 and earlier FL applications and are made of steel.

Chrome Black  
FTC-C01 FTC-B01 Standard Length
FTC-C02 FTC-B02 2 Extended Length
FTC-C04 FTC-B04 4 Extended Length
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Fork Cover Spacer Sets

Hawg Halter Fork Cover Spacer Sets allow for a 1 extension to be achieved are made of Billet Aluminum and finished in Black or Chrome. These spacers kits fit 2013 earlier models, and 2014 later models in both Trikes and regular touring bikes.

Chrome Black  
FTC-SP-C01-AS FTC-SP-A01-AS 2013-earlier
FTC-SP-C02-AS FTC-SP-A02-AS 2014-up
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