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Chopper Kit - Yamaha Photo Gallery


2010 XVS650 Custom 9 Degree w/ 6” os Tubes

1999 XVS1100 Custom 18 Degree w/ 4” os Tubes (complete Harley® front end)

1979 XS650 18 degree 6"overstock tubes

2007 XVS1100 Silverado 14 degree 8"overstock tubes

2006 XVS1100 Silverado 14 degree 8"overstock tubes

XVS650 14 degree 8"overstock tubes

2001 XV1600 18 degree 10"overstock tubes

2000 XVS1100 Classic 9 degree 4"overstock tubes

2000 XVS1100 Classic 18 degree 10"overstock tubes

2001 Yamaha XVS650 14 Degree With 10" over tubes

1995 Virago 1100 14 degree kit 8" Overstock tubes

Virago 250 14 degree kit 6" Overstock tube Extensions

Virago 250 14 degree kit 6" Overstock tube Extensions
250 Lifan pictured above, same as a 250 Yamaha Virago

Uploaded picture
2005 XV1700 Warrior w/ complete 18 Degree Harley® front end  

newpic12.jpg (123577 bytes)
2002 XV1700 Warrior w/ complete 14 Degree Harley® front end  

2000 X9.jpg (77159 bytes)
2000 Yamaha XVS650 Classic 14 Degree With 10" over tubes

1998 Yamaha XVS1100 with the 18 degree 12" O/S Tubes installed

Yamaha XVS1100 with the 14 degree 10" O/S Tubes installed.

1.jpg (48707 bytes)
Yamaha XVS 650 with the 14 degree chopper kit installed. 

The bikes below are in Germany, all have 14 deg. kit

 Yamaha XV 535

 Yamaha XV

 Yamaha XV 1100 

 Yamaha XVS 650

Yamaha XVS 650

  XV 1000 Virago 

 Yamaha XV 535   

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